Informally about us.

How it started

Maxim Menshikov had been quite known in cybersecurity due to his research on Windows Mobile and Windows Phone platforms. A little bit later, when Maxim was thinking about scientific research direction, the static analysis came to his mind as a good opportunity. This field is in the intersection of mathematics, computer science and cybersecurity. Knowledge of all these domains is crucial to success of a tool.

For long time, the project was purely academic, with many research papers published on this topic.

However, Maxim decided to step further and run the business on top of this research. With an approval of Portuguese IAPMEI, the project had been kickstarted in Porto, Portugal.

Right now, we have a team of professionals in business, cybersecurity and software engineering. With exceptional strategic planning talent of Andreia and great entrepreneural skills of Konstantin, we hope to finally make this project reality.

In the heart of Interpretica’s logo lies a profound fusion of abstract interpretation and human understanding, elegantly encapsulated in a river-like motif. Let’s delve into the symbolism and story behind this emblem of technological clarity and connection.

The central motif of the logo embodies a flowing river, gently carving its path between two steadfast banks. Here, the river symbolizes the continuous flow of information and code, ever-moving and evolving within the digital landscape. It represents the dynamic nature of software and technology, constantly in flux and progression.

At the same time, the river serves as a powerful metaphor for connection and bridging gaps. Just as a river connects two distant shores, Interpretica serves as a conduit between the intricate world of software and the realm of human comprehension. It is the bridge that seamlessly translates complex code into understandable concepts, fostering clarity and insight along the way.

The choice of blue speaks volumes. Blue, with its calming and reassuring presence, evokes a sense of trust, reliability, and depth. It reflects the steadfast commitment to precision and understanding that defines Interpretica’s ethos.

Moreover, the clean lines and uncluttered design of the logo exude a sense of clarity and simplicity. It mirrors Interpretica’s dedication to distilling complex concepts into accessible insights, making technology understandable and approachable for all.

In essence, Interpretica’s logo embodies the essence of its mission: to navigate the currents of technology with clarity, insight, and a deep understanding of both code and human comprehension. It stands as a beacon of connection, guiding users across the digital landscape with confidence and clarity.