The blend of the latest advancements in Computer Science


The mathematical core.

The multi-purpose static analyzer for C/C++ and other programming languages.
Written in C++ for the highest performance.


Made in academia

The static analyzer features the state-of-art technologies:
  • Abstract Interpretation - to make sound and simple abstractions of variable values
  • Model Checking - to model important properties of the program
  • Symbolic execution - to execute the program in memory, collecting all needed traces

Practically useful

Close ties with the industry

Our team has origins in the industry, so we've made the analyzer work against our problems:
  • Simple defect search
  • Queries - find the issues based on some pattern.
  • Composition analysis - find bugs in how the software is composed.

Easy integrations

... including custom usecases

  • Custom rules - find what's important for you
  • Analysis Server Protocol - any custom use case would be supported
  • Build Trace engine - trace compiler invocations even on unsupported build systems.


The hypervisor connecting Inteiro into a grid.

Seamlessly connect any number of static analysis nodes to a central node. Manage workspaces, nodes, users.
Comes with the web interface for the ease of access.
Written in Rust for the highest stability and security.

Analysis Server Protocol library

The high-performant bridge between Inteiro and other applications.

The client library that can be used to connect an arbitrary application to Inteiro.
Written in C for the highest portability and the smallest footprint.